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Encouragement & Hope Loving? My Life Study Women's Event

{ONLINE} Summer Bible Study

Earlier this year, I released the Loving? My Life study. And this summer, I am hosting an online Bible study for women who want to stay connected to God and to each other through the crazy summer months. With vacations, kids being out of school, and schedules changing, it can be difficult to find consistency in your walk with Jesus. That is why I am offering this study completely online. Join us as we learn to embrace the unexpected chapters in our lives through the hope that comes from Jesus Christ!


Lord, I Want to Know You!

I am very guilty of trying to gain more knowledge and letting that knowledge sit in my head rather than penetrate my heart. So my prayer for myself and each of you throughout this study is that as we gain knowledge of who God is, that knowledge will settle in our hearts and help us display strength and move us to take action.