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The Psalms

Creativity at its Finest

Ten days later, the smallest baby boy I had ever seen was born 14 weeks early weighing a mere 2 lbs 3 ounces. He was slightly larger than a beany baby and his skin was still see-thru and his body was covered with a long thin hair. He was so tiny that he couldn’t wear clothes, only a diaper, and it would be a month before his parents would hold him for the first time.

The Psalms

A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes

As little girls we all loved the story of Cinderella. We see an ordinary girl transformed into a princess. Whether we admit it or not on some level all of us guys and girls alike wanted something that the story of Cinderella offered…maybe it was her beauty, maybe it was her fairy god-mother, and maybe it was a pursuer…someone to look high and low for his one true love, maybe it was a very attractive spouse, and maybe just maybe it was a happily ever after escape from the reality of our dysfunctional lives.

Cinderella was passionate about believing in dreams and as I studied the Word this week, I was encouraged that God also wants us to pursue our dreams. However, He doesn’t want us to pursue just any dreams, He wants us to pursue the dreams that He has given us.