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Names of God

Bible Study notes: Jehovah-rapha The Lord Who Heals

When I ask for healing I usually ask for healing of physical needs. I am selfish. I want to be comfortable in this world. So I want to be healed of aches and pains. I also pray for healing for emotional aches and pains. But I RARELY pray for healing of my sinful heart. Why? Because that would mean examining my heart and admitting to my sin. AND that can lead to guilt and/or shame.

Names of God

Bible Study Notes: Jehovah & Jehovah-jireh

“By being compounded with Jehovah, each [name] shows us that the very essence of His Being is to love, to give, to be more than self-constrained.

As the self-existent one, He desires to meet the needs of those He created in His own image.”

How does this comfort you? How is the statement, “He desires to meet the needs of those He created” Differ from “He CAN meet the needs” of those He created?