Hosea 9

In class Sunday morning, we walked thru the four major losses Israel experienced as a result of their sin.  The losses we talked about (the loss of joy, spiritual privileges, inheritance and hope) are described in the first nine verses of chapter nine.  We will go a little more indepth with these losses in the reflection section today, but we’ll start today with the verses we didn’t get to cover in class.  So take a minute and ask God to teach you during your study of His Word today, and then open your Bible to Hosea 9. 


Digging In:

Please read Hosea 9:10-17 to begin today.  After reading the entire section describe God’s attitude toward Israel at the beginning of verse 10, and then describe God’s attitude toward Israel after the “but” found in the middle of verse 10.  There is a stark contrast between the two.  Here in the same verse we see God so excited about Israel and the relationship He longs to have with then.  And then He describes the reality of the situation, that Israel had chosen idol worship over worshipping Him.  What specific word does God used to describe Israel in the last part of verse 10? 



As a result of their sin, God is acting and will punish them.  And the punishment will be harsh.  In verses 11-14, the punishment is going to be so harsh that the people should pray for what normally joyful experience to NOT happen?


Finally, verses 15-17 we see the wrath of God described.  Make a list verse by verse of how God is going to deal with the sin issue in Israel’s life. 


I want you to spend time making this list because it is important for us to realize that God really does hate sin.  And sin really does have consequences.  How have you seen this to be true in your life?



We talked about Israel’s loss of joy, spiritual privileges, inheritance and hope as a result of their sin.  Which one or ones of these have you experienced as a result of sin in your life?  What other things are you missing out on or potentially missing out on because of the sin in your life?  What is your sin costing you?  Is it worth the cost?



Why is it sometimes difficult to understand God’s hatred of sin?  What excuses are you using to justify your sin? 


Have you spent time asking God to search you and know your heart?  And to reveal any hurtful way in you?   To finish today please flip back toward the front of your Bible to Psalm 139, and meditate on verses 23-24.  Ask God to reveal the hurtful way in you that you might not even see.  And just give these verses time to simmer as you go throughout your day.


Thank you for taking time to dig deeper into the Word of God.  May God bless you for the time you spent in His love letter to you!

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