Hosea 8

In Physic’s class we learned Newton’s Third Law: For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.  In Hosea 8 the children of God are realizing their actions also have a reaction.  This chapter is set up in a cause/effect pattern.  Today we’ll break down the sin and its result in their lives, and then we’ll take some time to reflect on what we learn from this chapter.  Please remeber this is a starting point.  Please use this as a springboard to dive into the Scriptures.


Digging Deeper:

Today open your Bible to Hosea 8 and grab a piece of paper and a pen.  What we are going to do is break chapter 8 down by each sin and its result and what we can learn.  One way you can organize your information is by drawing two vertical lines your page making three columns.  You can label these columns: Sin, Result, Thoughts or Cause, Effect, Reflection…whatever is most useful to you.  Now begin reading thru chapter 8 verse by verse and filling in your first two columns.  I’ll get you started with the first couple verses, and then let you finish. 



My Thoughts

V1broken covenant & rebelled  against law    sound trumpet: BEWARE!!!  
V3rejected what is good    Enemy will pursue  how many times have I rejected what is good?
V4set up kings & princes w/o God’s consent & made idols to themselves V6God’s anger burns against them removed/replaced God’s authority in their lives












Reflections:    From the above section, you may already have questions or a direction for your reflection.  Here are the questions I reflected on in my life as I studied.  Please use this in a way that best draws you in deeper.  Please don’t feel like you need to answer every question, but all are available if you do want to answer them all.  My only desire is that you will grow deeper in your walk with Jesus.  These are just some questions and ideas to use as a catalyst to begin the conversation between you and your Savior. 

1.  Read thru the first two columns of your chart.  And this time, as you read you can fill in the third column.  Now, the third column has no right or wrong answers, but is provided here so that you can begin to personalize God’s Word, but here are a few ideas that might help get you started. 

1.  You can summarize the first two columns

2.  You can write the modern day equivalent to the Cause/Sin/Offense

3.  You can write down your reaction to the Sin & Result

4.  You can respond with a question that you have about the text

These are just options, please use the third column as best fits for you, there may be one verse that you don’t write anything down for, and another verse that you can’t fit your response into the space alloted on your sheet.  Either one is fine.  This is for you to personally go deeper with the Lord.





2.  God’s anger BURNED against His children because they rejected what was good.  When have I chosen my own way, and by doing so rejected what was good?  What thoughts, words or actions in my life display an attitude of rejecting what is good?  What steps can I take immediately to stop rejecting what is good?  If this is a deep rooted issue, where can I seek out help to begin seeing victory in this area?  What is the first step I need to take to in order to pursue victory longterm?  Is there someone I need to talk to about what God has revealed to me?  What do I need to say to God?






3. The Israelite children offended God by replacing His authority in their lives.  Who influences my decisions (money, work, social life, day-to-day decision, etc.)?  Do these influence point me back to Jesus?  Does God really have the ULTIMATE authority in my life?  Does anything or anyone have more authority than He does?  What can I do to change that?







4.  Spend time in prayer talking to God about what He has convicted you of thru this study.  Spend sometime being honest with God with where you are in regards to the sin that is in your life, but also spend time acknowledging that the power of the Cross is alive in those who have a personal relationship with Jesus!  And that the Lord that He alone can save you!  Praise the Lord!  Hold on to the hope of victory in Jesus!

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