Hosea Home Study

While preparing to teach Hosea at a local Bible study my heart was deeply impacted.  Hosea is so incredible and has so many practical applications to our lives that I couldn’t communicate everything I want to in class.  I wanted to provide a way for all of us to go deeper.  I wanted to provide a place for us to continue to process the Word throughout the week.  So I decided that I would try using speakininfaith as an opportunity for people to go deeper with what was taught on Sunday morning.  Which brings us to this new addition…this week I taught on Hosea 8-10, so on the following pages, you will find a starter guide on the same passage that is intended to enhance your personal study. 

There are two main sections for each day.  The first is the “digging deeper” portion and will require you to open your Bible and dig through it.  For me personally, taking the Word deeper, going from reading the Word to studying the Word changed my life!  My desire is to provide others with the opportunity to experience the thrill of Bible study and the tools to go deeper.  I will have directions to guide you in breaking the passage down.  After the “digging deeper” portion, you will find a “reflection” portion.  This portion is designed to take you from observing the text to applying the text to your life today!  Understanding the text accurately and applying it daily will deepen your walk with the Lord and will allow God to truly begin engraving His word on your heart! 

If you know of others, who like you want to go deeper in their walks with Jesus, please direct them here.  Let’s dig in!

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