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Happy Tuesday!

Last week during our live Q&A on Facebook Monic asked, “What ways a person can begin to forgive themselves?”

Wow! What a great question! And that is exactly what we will be covering in tomorrow’s Facebook Live Q&A session!

I’ll be hopping on live at 1 pm Pacific (3 pm Central, 4 pm Eastern) and sharing my thoughts on how to begin the forgiveness journey with yourself! I am excited because forgiving yourself will move you forward in your relationship with Jesus and help you have healthier relationships with others! Click here to watch live or to catch the replay:

I’ve talked about forgiveness before on my blog a couple of times, you can check them out here if you want a jumpstart on tomorrow’s Q&A!

>>Shame Vs Guilt<<<

>>6 Words that Turned My Anger Into Peace<<
I can’t wait to connect with you tomorrow! Here’s the link to join us!

Embracing My Story,

Faith Klein

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