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The First Phase of New Beginnings

Who doesn’t love a good home renovation show???

My girls and I love watching old homes be transformed into new spaces. I was thinking about this the other day as I drove past a construction site for new homes.

It reminded me of something my best friend said to me about three years ago. I was sharing with her that I didn’t know what was going to happen with my marriage. She knew my heart, that I wanted to do God’s will…but she never pressured me one way or another. Instead she said these wise words:

Faith, I’ll be here for you whether you are rebuilding this home, or building a new one.

In that moment, I heard, “Staying in this home or moving to a new one.”

But her words were much more accurate of what it would take to move on. Moving on in my current home, meant a total renovation of the way things had been. My heart need a remodel! I needed Jesus to come in and rip out everything that wasn’t honoring to him, so that I could learn a better way.

A better way to
-show up in relationships
-take care of my needs
-define my self-worth
-love other people

and the list goes on.

If God was going to restore my marriage, I had a lot of work to do. I couldn’t keep acting the same way in my marriage and expect that things would change. That is the definition of insanity, right?

I had to change.

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On the other hand, if my marriage was ending, I was starting my life over, I was going to need to build a new life. This option would require me to spend a lot of time at the feet of Jesus, asking Him to lay a new healthy foundation.

If we go back to the word picture of the houses, I think you could agree with me, that as you think of building a house or renovating a house, the fun part seems to be the finishing touches…the decor, paint colors, furniture…

But you can put a new coat of paint on a house full of mold. You can bring in new furniture and decor, but the mold won’t go away…it will still spread and eventually make you sick.

If you are building a new house and don’t take time to do the foundation correctly, you will be in trouble down the road.

But a well built house will be able to weather the storms and survive the wear and tear of life.

Laying the foundation or correcting an existing foundation is the first step to moving forward. The same is true with your heart.

For me, getting well and allowing God to lay a new foundation meant I spent countless hours digging into God’s Word, praying for wisdom, and asking Him to reveal parts of my life that needed to be changed.

I knew that in order to overcome and truly heal from the biggest trial of my life, I had to change. I stopped pointing fingers at everyone else, thinking that if they would just change…

if they would do the work…

if they {you fill in the blank}

Instead, I let God change me, change my heart…transform my life.

This was the work that allowed me to become whole again.

The Mosaic Project

Inside the Mosaic Project, I share with you the tools God used in my life to lay a new foundation in my heart. Tools that have allowed me to heal, to be present with my kiddos, and to live out my calling in this life.

Just last night I received a note from a woman who is beginning her last week of the Mosaic Project. I was so humbled as she thanked me and expressed the healing that had come from this project.

The Mosaic Project is the step-by-step process of healing no matter if you are still married and moving forward, separated and don’t know what that future holds, or divorced, but the past still overwhelms you.

God is able to use the past to shape you into the woman He created you to be!

Are you ready to be free from the pain and embrace your story?
Are you ready to heal from your past, and step into all that God has for you?

Join the Mosaic Project today, and begin the healing journey!

>>Click here to join: The Mosaic Project


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