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“Why do you do what you do?” He asked me with a camera in my face.

For a moment I paused. Then looking past the flashing red “record” light, I responded from my heart…

“I’ve been there,” I said. “I know what it feels like to be broken, wondering if the pain will ever stop. I know it is like to think you’re the only one going through this. I know what it is like to pretend that everything is okay on the outside, but on the inside be falling apart.”

It breaks my heart knowing that at this very minute there is a woman sitting on puddle of tears with her broken heart surrounding her.

Four years ago, I was that woman.

Today when I look in the mirror, I sometimes don’t recognize the woman staring back at me because I’m used to seeing a woman with empty eyes. Seeing the joy in my own eyes often catches me off guard.

It is in these moments when I realize just how far God has brought me. That’s why I do what I do.

I help women get through the toughest trials of their lives without losing their hope in Jesus. I remind them that help is here.

One practical way I do this is through my free, online training,

Overcoming Intimate Betrayal

“The First Four Steps to Overcome Intimate Betrayal Using God’s Word.”

If you are a women whose heart has been broken by intimate betrayal, I invite you to join me live tomorrow or Thursday for my free, live, online training.

>>Click here to register<<

During our time together I’ll share with you the first four steps I took to find healing. I’ll share with you three of my secrets…

  1. How to acknowledge and slow down the emotional roller coaster that intimate betrayal sets in motion. 
  2. How to turn off the constant replay of the past that continually floods your mind.
  3. How to find peace by replacing the old replays with the truth found in the Word of God.

For years, I struggled through the pain and shame of my own story. But God has walked with me through my story, through the pain and through the shame. He has given me hope and peace. My passion is to share the same tools I used in my own recovery with you. I want to share with you four steps I used to heal from intimate betrayal in my own life.

These aren’t just tools I used to recover from heartbreak. These are tools I use on a daily basis to stay healthy, connected and present with God, my family and my friends.

For me, pretending to be okay didn’t work. It didn’t make the pain go away. Instead it made me feel crazy! I was constantly trying to convince myself that if I just worked harder at “being better” that everything would go away.

But in reality, it just made things worse.  The more I pretended I was okay, the more the rollercoaster of emotions spun faster and faster out of control. Finally, I gave up.

I had to be honest with myself that things weren’t okay. It was only then that I found peace.

And that’s why, I am jumping on live with you this week…because I want you to experience the same peace that I have found in Jesus. I want to show you that it doesn’t come from pretending everything is okay…

There is a better way…

Will you join me?

All you need to do, is click here:

After you click the link, you’ll see three time slots available for the training. I am teaching the same thing during each time, so you only need to register for the time that best fits your schedule.

Click on the time that works best for you, and then you’ll be asked to enter your first name and an email.

After you enter, that information, I’ll send you a confirmation email. Included in that email will be a workbook for you to print off and use during the training to follow along, take notes, and use after the training when you are working on implementing these tools.

Teaching live is one of my favorite things I get to do. I can’t wait to connect with you, answer questions you might have and love on you.

Peace is possible, my friend!

I can’t wait to meet you live this week! Click the link below, and get registered now!

>>The First Four Steps to Overcome Intimate Betrayal Using God’s Word<<


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