Dealing with Adversity: Can you accept it?

Tomorrow is Bible study day! Woohoo! Just a reminder that we are doing chapters 3 & 4.

As I am wrapping up homework and our lesson, I must tell you that I cannot wait to discuss these two chapters with you. I don’t know what life situations you are going through, but for me the names El Elyon: God Most High & El Roi: the God Who Sees are names that bring me comfort.

If your are following along with us via the blog, please check back tomorrow for notes from class! Until then, dig into God’s Word. Here is a blog post from 2011 about God being El Elyon in my life at that time.

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3 comments on “Dealing with Adversity: Can you accept it?

  1. Marcia Gerbrandt

    Faith, this is Marcia-from the Enid days with Karen. Where is she; how may I get in touch with her? I tried her old email but did not get a comment from her. If she gives you permission, would you send me her mailing address or her email? I miss talking to her, and care so very much about her and Bob. Thank you Faith, and your Bible studies and blogs! Marcia Gerbrandt in Norman, OK

  2. Hey Marcia, I will definitely let her know that you are wanting to get in touch with her! I’m sure she would love to talk to you.

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