Good morning!  Today is an exciting day!  It is the first day of our women’s Bible study at Mountain Ridge Church here in Glendale, AZ!  We are going to be walking thru Kay Arthur’s book “Lord, I Want to Know You.”  This is a study on the names of God.  I am beyond excited to be teaching this study.  It is my first study to teach here in Arizona.

I am excited to meet new friends this morning and dig into God’s Word together.  I am also excited that we can share this study online to anyone who can’t meet with us on Wednesday mornings.  Each week I will post notes from our discussion on my blog.  This will allow you to join in our study even if you can’t be with us in class.

I will post discussion questions, scriptures and more each week.  So if you are registered for our class, please use this site to keep in touch throughout the week.  You can always post things you are learning as you go.  If you are not in our class you can use this as a way to “discuss” this book with others who are walking through the same book!  If you would like to do the study with us in person, please check out If you want to follow along online, you can grab the book at your local book store, or order it online.  The name of the book is “Lord, I Want to Know You” by Kay Arthur.  You can also, simply follow along with the blog posts.

Here is a little nugget from this morning’s discussion:

Why is it important that we know the name of our God?

The book of Daniel is a complicated book. When I studied it, our study last two semesters. And I still have so much to learn about that book. In it God uses Daniel to tell the Israelites about what would happen in the future. In Daniel 11, God is explaining to Daniel about world leaders that would rise up and influence the world.  Through these leaders borders of countries would change, leadership would change, people’s religion would change. And in Daniel 11 the king of the North is trying to overtake the king of the South. He is trying to turn people away from the One True God.  And verse 32 reads this way:

“With flattery he will corrupt those who have violated the covenant, but the people who know their God will firmly resist him.”

The NASB says it this way:

By smooth words he will turn to godlessness those who act wickedly toward the covenant, but the people who know their God will display strength and take action.

This verse gives me goose bumps because it rings so true. I think about my life, how I deal with issues, struggles, every day things that arise. Often we read a verse like this and just let it roll off of us, but as we are enteringin to a 13 week study of who God says He is, this verse cuts me to the core. I think about all of the times, that if I had called on the name of the Lord it would have lead me action, but instead I chose to listen to the voice inside myself that justified my inaction. I listened the flattery of a friend or colleague. I called the person I knew would tell me what I wanted to hear rather than call on the Lord God. So this verse is convicting to me, because it causes me to enter into a place where I can no longer be apathetic about how knowing who God is will affect my every day decision and reactions.

I would like to say that I fall into the “the people who know their God” category, but if I am honest, I also fall into the “those who have violated the covenant” category.

Here’s the thing, we can all come here and pretend that we live consistently in the “people who know their God” category, but if we do we are deceiving ourselves and choosing to thwart what God has for us to learn through this study.

I am very guilty of trying to gain more knowledge and letting that knowledge sit in my head rather than penetrate my heart.  So my prayer for myself and each of you throughout this study is that as we gain knowledge of who God is, that knowledge will settle in our hearts and help us display strength and move us to take action.

II Timothy 3:16 reads,

All scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, so that the man of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work.

As we study the names of God, I pray that you will let God teach, rebuke correct and train you in righteousness. Our memory verse for this week says, The name of the Lord is a strong tower, the righteous runs into it and is safe. When we know the names of God we can claim them in times of distress, days that seem hopeless, and times of trouble. But here is another truth, committing yourself to this study, will also help you in your quest to live your life on mission. When you know who God is you can share that with others who are hurting.  Rather than answering your friends with flattery and what they want to hear, you can answer them in love with the truth of who God is and how He can rescue them in their darkest moment.

Discussion Questions

What is one name of God that you run to that makes you feel safe?

Who do you know that is hurting, what truth about God could you share with that person that would comfort them in their time of distress?

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