Love is not easily angered

Well, if you have been following this series on love, it has been one that has convicted my heart to the core.  This week’s attribute is just as convicting as the rest.

We are walking thru a series at church called love works.  To find all of my blogs regarding this series in one place you can click on the new page called LOVE IS.

We’ve been through love is patient, kind, does not envy, is not proud and is selfless.  Today we are going to talk about anger’s place in regards to love.

God’s Word says, “Love is not easily angered.”

Sunday morning our preacher said, “We get angry when we feel like our rights have been stepped on.”  I’ve been pondering this statement all week.  I’ve also been evaluating the truth of this statement when I’m frustrated or angry.  So far, I think he hit the nail right on the head!

When I have been angry this week I feel like someone has stepped on my rights.  Sometimes it is my right to decide how I spend my time.  Sometimes it is my right to be treated with respect.  Sometime it is my right to get my way.  It can be any right we perceive we have {or deserve}.

As I’ve reflected on my frustration and/or anger over the past week, I can pin point all of it to my not getting something I think I deserved.  What about you?  Can you think back to a time this week when you were frustrated or angry?  Does it fall into this category?

One right we often think we have is the right to be angry, but according to I Corinthians 13, love is not easily angered.  So even when we have our perceived rights stepped on, we must still relinquish our right to be angry.  God asks something more from us.  He asks us to love rather than be angry.

Trust me, I understand the difficulty of this statement.  When I am angry, I feel like it is my job to explain myself and my frustration so that the person who offended me can change his/her behavior.  Usually, this explanation does not come in the form of my “nice voice.”  God is teaching me {and I’m learning very slowly} that my responsiblity is to respond in love rather than anger.

Please hear me, I’m not saying that you don’t have to have healthy boundaries, but I am saying that you can choose to respond in a way that honors God rather than tears someone down.  If someone offends you, you don’t have to take it upon yourself to share with them why they offended you, how they are a horrible person for offending you, and how YOU {being such a wonderful person} don’t deserve to be treated with such disrespect.

Instead, you can respond in love.  Which may mean setting healthy boundaries, but never means getting angry, lashing out and hurting the person in return.

My challenge to you {you really being ME!} is to surrender your emotions and reactions to the Lord, to identify the root of your anger {what right do you believe was stepped on} and ask God for wisdom on how to respond out of love rather than anger.

I’m praying for you as we surrender our rights to God and trust Him to provide for our every need!

I’d love to hear your thoughts.

What action steps do you take to respond with love even when you are angry?





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  1. I love keeping up with your posts! We actually talked a bit about this in our church the past few weeks too. Thought I’d share my blog about it. I love when people blog about what their church is discussing!

    Hope you’re well!
    Annalee Carter


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    With all the stress I face in life, I must admit I can have a short fuse. I can get frustrated very easily. I re-read this blog a few weeks ago, and am now trying to ask my self, “What right is being stepped on?” Read below to find out more…

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