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When Life Takes Your Breath Away

As I’ve been reading through Genesis over the past couple of weeks, I’ve noticed the reoccurring theme of God’s breath.

One of the most personal mentions of His breath is in Genesis 2:7 when God uses His breath to speak the earth into existence.

 “Then the LORD God formed a man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living being.”

God literally breathed life into dirt, and the dirt came alive as a man.  He breathed life into the first man and continues to breathe life into you and I each day.  He is our breath.  So what happens when life knocks that breath out of us?  How do we cope when life takes our breath away?

If you are like me, you’ve experienced times like this, times when life takes your breath away.

Times when you hear the dreaded news from your doctor.

Times when the unimaginable has just happened in your family.

Times when your world has just come crashing down around you and you don’t know how or where to start rebuilding.

Times when…..(you fill in the blank).

Most of us can say that we have personally had moments when life has taken our breath away.  So what happens then?

Thankfully, man isn’t the only thing that is God-breathed. Look at these verses in II Timothy 3.

16 All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, 17 so that the servant of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work.

God breathed life into man AND into Scripture!  He gave us something tangible to cling to when we have no strength left.  He gave us His Word.  Although we don’t see God with our eyes day in and day out, and we can’t sit down face-to-face with Him over a cup of coffee, we can tangibly cling to Him by holding fast to His Word.  When life takes your breath away, find it again in God’s Word.

My pastor growing up used to refer to the Bible as God’s love letter to us.  Think about that.  Think about a note you have gotten from a friend that encourages your spirit.  I have a special spot in my filing for notes like these.  There are days that I need to be encouraged by these notes.  God’s Word is much like these little notes…ONLY BETTER!!!

He wrote this love letter to us to encourage us.  But not just to encourage us, but to teach us and to train us.  His Word equips us for life.  His Word sustains us. His Word will endure when everything else in life fades away.

His Word is LIFE!

How do I know this to be true?   John 1 tells us that Jesus is the Word, and Jesus is our life!

I encourage you today to spend some time in His Word.  Read it, get to know it.  Join a group that studies it and let God breathe life into your lifeless heart again through His Word.

::     ::     ::     ::     ::  Reflection Questions  ::     ::     ::     ::     ::

Do you have a verse that you cling to when life takes your breath away?  What is it?  Can you share this verse with others to encourage them?

How has God proven faithful in His Word?

Do you feel overwhelmed by life?  Are you willing to take steps to overcome that feeling?

Where and when can you spend time in His Word?

What will you read when you sit down with Him?

What Scripture have you memorized that you call on in times of trouble?

What questions do you have about reading the Bible?  (I’d love to address some of these, just leave a comment and I’ll answer them in the coming weeks.)

I've been a follower of Jesus for over 30 years, and have been teaching God's Word to students and women for nearly 20 years! God has brought me through some difficult chapters in my own life, and now my passion is equipping women like you with tools to embrace your own unexpected chapters in life with grace and truth.

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