After talking to a dear friend of mine, I thought I’d take a short minute and share a bit from our conversation.

My friend and I were talking about transitions.  Have you ever been in one?  What was it like?  How did you get through it?  Was it what you expected?

Twenty-eight months ago, I was a single woman living in a house with two other single women and two dogs.  I was happy being single, but also madly in love!  Twenty-seven months ago, I got engaged to a man who is better than the man of my dreams, because he’s the man God created for me!  Twenty-six months ago we got married.  The girls and one dog moved out, and a handsome prince moved in!  Six months later we found out we were pregnant, then on New Year’s Day last year we brought home Janie Lou!  Six months later I quit my job and found out I was pregnant again!  Now we are just weeks away from meeting our new little girl!

From single to a married mother of two in 2 1/2, I think it’s fair to say, I’ve experienced a FEW transistions!

I don’t know what you have planned for 2012, what your goals are and what you are looking forward to in your future, but I can tell you one thing for sure: whatever you have planned, it probably won’t look like what you expect.  Transitions can be difficult.  There is the unknown of what is to come.  There are expectations that may or may not be met.  And there is always the off chance that you when you get what you want, you may not like it!

Sometimes, when we are transitioning, God has a different plan for us that what we have for ourselves.  But the great part about that is, He sees the big picture.  We only see the here and now, but He sees how our circumstances now will affect not only our futures, but the future of His kingdom.  He may have something planned that isn’t in your plans.  Maybe you are looking for a job and the one He provides isn’t what you expect.  He knows why He chose that job for you.

My last job I took temporarily and stayed over four years!  It wasn’t something I had planned, but God planned it for me and it was the perfect job for me for that season of my life.  When I met Carl, I was very satisfied being single.  I even took a close friend to dinner a month before I met Carl and told her I was never getting married, and I was perfectly happy with that!  But God had a different plan for me, and it’s turned out better than I could have expected, but completely different than I expected.  When we brought home our happy baby girl, last New Year’s Day, we didn’t expect that three months later she would have her kidney removed, but that surgery has allowed her to be a happy, HEALTHY little girl!  When we had one little girl with a kidney issue, the last thing I expected was to find out our new baby girl has a kidney issue in BOTH kidneys.  But that unexpected fact has grown my faith and forced me to rely on Him as He knits HIS precious baby girl together in my womb.

Rather than be surprised, scared or frustrated by the unexpected, we should begin to embrace and expect the unexpected.  The Bible is full of examples of how God often takes the road less traveled to get us to our final destination.  Jesus, the King of the World, was born in a stable!  That fact alone should convince us of God’s creativity.  So if God is being creative in your life right now, and it seems frustrating to you, take heart!  He is still God.  He is still on the throne, and He sees the big picture.

He knows what He has planned for you beyond today.  He knows what is best for His kingdom and how you play a role in that plan.

You may experience some growing pains from the unexpected, but in the end, you will be better prepared for the Kingdom work God has for you.

I’d love to hear how God is stretching or has stretched you through an experience that wasn’t what you expected!  Let’s encourage each other as we enter into 2012!

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