Hergycub 2.0

I am officially now in my third trimester!  Carl and I are very excited about our newest addition.  I am feeling great, and looking forward to meeting our little bundle of joy in three months!  After the thrill of waiting to find out the gender when JL was born, Carl and I decided to wait to find out the gender of Hergycub 2.0, as well.

However, God had other plans!  The nurse practitioner accidentally slipped while I was at my check-up last week.


It’s a girl!

Yep!  Another girl! We are so excited!

The kidneys are still enlarged, but the hydronephrosis is very mild.  We are still praying that God reduces the hydronephrosis in utero and that all is well after the baby is born.  We are thankful for great doctors and nurses.  But more than that, we are thankful for those of you who are lifting us up in prayer.  I have such a peace in my heart, and I know that it is because of the prayers you are saying on our behalf.

I am so thankful that we can speak directly to our God. Aren’t you? In Hebrews 6 we learn that Jesus approaches God’s throne on our behalf!  Isn’t that an awesome thought!  Jesus is representing you and me before the Father!  Who better could we have?  I am always encouraged by this reminder.

So let’s bombard heaven together today, knowing that Jesus carries our requests, petitions, burdens and joys directly to the God of the Universe!  Let me know how I can pray for you!

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