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I am excited to let you all know about a new resource availble on my website.  This new resource is called Basic Steps to Reading the Bible.  I wrote this as a guide for someone who has never opened a Bible.  However, if you have been reading for years, but need a little jumpstart or are just curious about this guide, I think it can be a valuable resource for you also.  Basic Steps to Reading the Bible is available on the Free Resources page.  There are a couple of other resources available on the free resources page including a prayer guide and two sets of 5-day devotionals.  Please feel free to use them and pass them along to your friends.

My prayer for the Basic Steps to Reading the Bible is that it will allow anyone to open up God’s Word and begin reading for comprehension and transformation.  I long for each of us to spend time digging into God’s Word.  I pray that this guide opens the door for God to begin speaking to anyone who reads the Bible.  God bless you and the time you spend in His Word.

Happy Reading!

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