Hey, Friends! 

I am working on a few marriage topics for my blog, a wedding shower and a possible book idea.  And I’d love to have your input on a few questions.  Please feel free to answer as many or as few of the following questions as you would like. I will be giving away Carl’s CDs to five lucky winners (see details below)!  Also, feel free to answer anonymously.

Single peeps:

1.  What do you look forward to most about the possibility of marriage one day?

2.  What is your greatest fear about getting married one day?

3.  Do you hope to marry at some point?

4.  Have you ever been married?

5.  What does unconditional love look like?

6.  How do look forward to marriage while enjoying your singleness?

7.  Do you think you can prepare for marriage while you are single?  If yes, how? If no, why not?

Married folk:

1.  How long have you been married?

2.  What is the greatest part about being married?

3.  What advice would you give engaged couples about marriage?

4.  What holds your marriage together?

5.  What does unconditional love look like?

6.  What do you enjoy most about being married?

7.  How do you overcome hardships in your marriage?

Thanks for helping me out!  I really appreciate you taking the time to respond!  Also, please pass this along to anyone you know who would participate. 

To be entered in the drawing for a CD, simply answer one or more of the questions above. 

You can be entered in this drawing more than once by having your friends comment on this blog as well.

To be entered in the drawing more than once, please leave a comment answering one or more of the questions and tell me who you are sharing this blog with.  If the person you share with also comments, you will be entered a second time.  (I will enter your name in the drawing for as many people as you forward this to who also comment.) 

Your input it extrememly valuable! 

Thank you for your time!!

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