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A Diamond-Like Beauty

Hey, Friends!  How are you?  Have you been impacted as much as I have by the study on the names of God.  Last night I was praying with Janie Lou before she went to bed, and I realized something amazing.  I realized that my prayer last night was different from other prayers I had prayed. 

I realized that as I prayed I was calling on the different names of God.  Knowing God is God Most High, El Elyon, gave me the hope I needed that He really is in control.  Knowing that He is Creator, Elohim, gave me the confidence to approach His throne knowing He was intentional in creating JL with a kidney issue and knowing He knows best how to heal it.  And then today’s name, El Roi, The God Who Sees encouraged me that no situation in my life happens without God seeing.

I noticed last night that I had renewed hope in situations I have been praying about for YEARS because I knew a specific name of God to call on for that situation. This realization is enough to keep me wanting to learn more. 

As I reflected on this realization last night, I had this train of thoughts:

Knowing God sees is good. (El Roi)

Knowing God is sovereign is good (El Elyon)

But knowing that God sees and is sovereign is so much better because He doesn’t just see a situation, but He has the power to do something about it! 

I was trying to think of a word picture to describe the beauty of knowing the many names of God.  Immediately I thought about an illustration I’ve used before, a diamond.  Think about how a diamond ring compares in beauty to a sheet of glass.  There is no comparison, is there?  A sheet of glass is very useful, but a diamond ring is BRILLIANT!  When we don’t really know God, we are only experiencing Him in a limited capacity…like a pane of glass.  But as we grow in our relationship with Him and as we understand who He says that He is, we can experience a much deeper relationship with Him. 

So keep studying, keep reading, keep learning the names of God.  Let’s continue studying the names of God together and watch how it impacts our lives. 

If you have found hope in one of the names of God we have discussed so far I’d love to hear about it!  Either leave a comment, or email me directly at

We will talk more about El Roi tomorrow, but for now, if you want to read some scriptures on this name, check out Old Testament Study Week 2 or click here.

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