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Answers to Prayer Lead to More Prayer Requests

I have a friend who says you should never pray for patience because if you do, you will undoubtedly encounter many opportunities to practice your patience. {smile}  Today, I am personally learning how God answers prayers like these.

As most of you know, my theme verse for the year is Ephesians 1:17, “I keep asking that the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the glorious Father, may give you the Spirit of wisdom and revelation, so that you may know him better.” (NIV)  God is definitely helping me fully grasp this verse and is answering my prayer to know Him better.  In my quest to know Him better, God is revealing Himself as Jehovah-rapha, The Lord Who Heals. Let me explain. 

Janie has a kidney issue which the doctors found in an ultrasound I had done the day before I delivered her.  Tomorrow morning Carl and I will take her to get a few more tests done so that the doctors will know the best action steps to take in helping her overcome this issue.
So, I am clinging to the truth that God is the Lord Who Heals, Jehovah-rapha.  Today I grabbed one of my favorite Bible studies off of my bookshelf, Kay Arthur’s Lord, I Want to Know You.  I opened up the book to the section on Jehovah-rapha and read over the notes I wrote when I did this study many years ago.  One of the things that I noticed over and over again, is that many times when God reveals himself as the Healer, He does so to bring glory and honor to His name; He draws people to Himself through healing.  
From the moment I found out I was pregnant I prayed that this new life would bring glory and honor to God.  I prayed that our child would help make the name of Jesus famous.  And now, at six weeks old, Janie already has that opportunity.  Although my heart is heavy concerning the health of our baby girl, my heart is confident that God will heal her.  I am humbled that God chose our little girl to promote Him and His love at such a young age.        
I am clinging to the truth that I know and allowing that truth to overcome the fears that I have as a very human mom.  Yes, it is very difficult to know that my baby isn’t perfect.  But the truth is, she isn’t “my baby.”  She is God’s child.  AND even if her kidney was perfect, she would still need God to be her healer. 
God doesn’t just heal our physical illnesses, but He is the only healer of our hearts.  Only He can heal the sin in our lives that separates us from Him. 
So, as I pray for God to heal Janie’s kidney, I also pray for Him to heal her heart. 
Will you join Carl and I in praying for Janie Lou?
Here are our specific requests:
1.  Clarity in the test results.
2.  Wisdom for the doctors, nurses and techs that perform and evaluate the tests. 
3.  Comfort for Janie as she undergoes these tests.
4.  Confidence to use this opportunity to bring glory and honor to Jesus.
Jeremiah 17:14 
Heal me, O Lord, and I will be healed;
save me and I will be saved,
for you are the one I praise.

The Holy Bible : New International Version. electronic ed. Grand Rapids : Zondervan, 1996, c1984, S. Je 17:14
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  2. Faith, I admire you FAITH in God and Jesus Christ to heal Janie Lou. Prayer and faith combined are a powerful thing! I will definitely be praying for Janie Lou and for you and Carl. Thank you for your prayers in my behalf this morning!! I know that our Father in Heaven hears them and that he wants what’s best for us! If we follow him in faith we will be happy. Even if what we may think is best for us doesn’t happen! Just like you said in the beginning about patience (loved that reference), sometimes we have to go through hard things to learn how to be a better person!

  3. speakinginfaith

    Will definitely keep praying for you!

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