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A New Place to Shop

This week Carl and I went into a new store I had never shopped in before…a maternity store!  It was a strange feeling trying on pants that have an extra foot or two of fabric around the top to cover my ever growing belly.  Every time we do something like this that I’ve never done before, it seems more real…I really am pregnant!  It is such a joy to know that God is knitting together a little life inside of me.  I look forward to my weekly email updates that tell me how big the baby is-usually comparing the baby’s size to a fruit or vegetable. 🙂  I love watching my tummy get bigger and bigger, and I am excited to meet the life that is inside of me.  Psalm 139 tells us that everyday of our lives is written down before one of them comes to be, and I look forward to seeing the life that God has written down for our baby’s life. 

With all of the excitement of being pregnant, this summer has provided many opportunities to reflect as well.  A month ago I stood beside one of my best friends as she married the love of her life.  Two weeks later I stood beside my family as we celebrated my grandma’s going home to be with Jesus.  New life, new love and the end of life on earth are all emotional experiences.  The combination of all of these events happening so close together made me reflect on my life and the life of my unborn child. 

Now at church, as I stand and sing songs of praise to our God, I think about how my grandma is now singing those same songs, literally at the feet of Jesus.  As I stood beside my friend at her wedding I was reminded that I am the bride of Christ, and I was challenged to look closely at my life to see if the white dress really reflects a pure heart.  And as I try on new clothes, I pray that I will be spiritually ready to love this child with the love of Christ. 

This week as you have a few minutes here or there, I pray that you can reflect on your life. 

Are you who you want to be at the end of your life?  If not, are you taking steps to get there? 

What events cause you to reflect on your life?  What thoughts have you had related to those events?

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