When I was growing up at summer camp we sang a million silly songs…and I remember them ALL!!  In fact, a couple of weeks ago, my sweet husband made a list of all of the things he loved about me, and one of the first things he wrote down was, “sings lots of silly songs.” 

But we didn’t just sing silly song at camp, we also learned some meaningful songs.  Each day we would sing a song before we prayed for our meals.  These songs for the most part were less silly and more about thanking God for our food.  One of the songs we would sing was a song to Hosea 6:3. 

So let us know, let us press on to know the Lord

His going forth is a certain as the dawn

And He shall come, He shall come like the spring rain

Like the spring rain watering the earth.

Today as awoke to thunder and the sound of rain pounding on my window, I immediately thought of this song that I learned 20 years ago.  Don’t you love the moments when Scripture that you have memorized just pops into your head?  I do.  I love when God directs my heart to His thru the word that I have hidden in my heart.  As a young child in church I used to spend a fair amount of time memorizing Scripture…sometimes I would memorize it just to get a “treat” in Sunday School and other times (as I got older) I memorized Scripture to help me through a tough time.  But as I’ve grown older, although I’m not that old, yet 🙂 I have strayed away from memorizing Scripture as much as I used to.

So this morning as this verse came to mind, it reminded me of the sweet moments that I have spent pressing on to know the Lord not just through reading and memorizing the Word, but also through Scripture memory.  So as my small group walks through the book of James, each week we are returning to the Sunday School tradition of memorizing a verse for the week.

Have you memorized anything lately?  I’m sure you’ve memorized the words to your new favorite song or maybe a jingle that you can’t get out of your head all day at work, but what have you memorized from the Word of God?

If you have memorized something lately, please post it as a comment…let us encourage each other to press on to know the Lord!

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