Hey, Friends!  

If you are walking thru the Old Testament study with us, I wanted to let you know that half of Week 3 is posted.  I will post the rest of Week 3 later today or tomorrow, but wanted to get the start of it up for those of you who are studying with us.  We are having a blast on Monday nights, and I hope you are having a blast as you study from a far.  Please feel free to post insights or questions that you have as you study alongside us.  

If you haven’t had an opportunity to check out the OT Home Study, yet, please check it out…we are looking at the major events in the History of Israel.  So far we’ve looked at some of the names of God and how they relate to us, and this week we are jumping into some drama filled pages and seeing God’s hand in the midst of the chaos!  I hope you’ll check it out.  God has revealed to me some significant insights thru this study.

God bless you as you dig into His Word!

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