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Hey Friends!  

I know I have been missing on here for a few months, but it is not because I don’t love each of you…it’s because I GOT MARRIED!!!   God is so good and over the past year and half I have fallen in love with Carl Herrgesell.  He asked me to marry him on September 14th, and we were married in Kansas City, MO on October 18th!  We have had a blast being with family and sharing fun moments with friends.  It was a wonderful weekend, and I promise to share the entire story soon, but for now I wanted you to know that I am still around 🙂  I am LOVING married life and have been blessed with the sweetest man!  Praise the Lord that He is so faithful!

Other fun news is that my small group in Nashville is doing a study on the History of Israel…this is a very brief study, it will be eight weeks long, which is not a long time to cover the history from Adam to Jesus, but we’re going to try to fit it in.  We began last Monday night and will continue up until Christmas!  If you’d like to see what we’re studying, I’ll be posting notes and suggested readings on the Home Study pages of SpeakingInFaith.  So check those out…they should be up this weekend!  

I pray each of you is well and enjoying life.  I just took some pictures of the beautiful sunset from the spare bedroom in our house! I was reminded again of God’s creativity and majesty!  How has God revealed Himself to you lately?

God bless, 


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  1. You sound very happy!!!! God bless you both!

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