Hey, Speakinginfaith Friends!!

Today we are launching the new Home Study pages on speakinginfaith!  I am so excited about this new addition to the speakinginfaith blog site!  This is a chance for those of you who attended a Bible study I have taught here in Nashville to take what we we’ve walked thru in a hour and go deeper on your own.  For those of you outside of Nashville, you can use this as a resource to go deeper into the Word and to follow what we are studying here in Nashville. 

In the upper righthand corner there is a page called “Hosea Home Study” which has directions on how to use the study. There is also a page called “Hosea 8” which is the home Bible study guide for chapter 8 of Hosea.  Later today I will add guides for Hosea 9 & 10.  My prayer is that God will use these studies to refine us and deepen our relationships with Him! 

Love ya’ll!!


Faith Klein

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