Do you have a story? Is it different than the one you imagined for yourself?

If so we have something in common.

Do you desire to stay connected to God through the ups and downs of life?

Do you long to make your story count?

Me, too. And I would love to support you on your journey!

My passion is equipping women with the Word of God!

Forgiveness: It isn't Always Easy

Happy Tuesday! Last week during our live Q&A on Facebook Monic asked, "What ways a person can begin to forgive themselves?" Wow! What a great question! And that is exactly what we will be covering in tomorrow's Facebook Live Q&A session! I'll be hopping on live at 1...

Wellness is a Journey…Not a Destination

This weekend I got to take my girls to Kansas City to celebrate their cousin graduating from high school.  It was so fun to be with family and to connect with one of my dearest friends. I also got to spend time with my favorite man in the entire 92 year old...

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